About Us
Kokan Bhumi Prathishthan
Kokan Bhumi Prathishthan is an organized campaign for all-round development integration & mass movement. We are implementing various activities for the financial prosperity of Nature, through this drive.

Tourism, Agriculture and Rural Tourism, Modern Agriculture, Hapus Mango, Fruit Processing, Fisheries, Herbal, Wildlife Resource Conservation of numerous resources of the environment by utilizing the rich resources of the Kokan region. The Environmental Supplementary Project has started in the last 10 years in Kokan through a number of self-employment projects.

Kokan Vision – 2025 for Kokan Development Plan is designed and formulated by Kokan Bhumi Prathishthan. In the next 10-15 years, the development plan of how Kokan can be developed in various subjects is developed with the help of subject matter experts. We are implementing the Global Kokan International Festival in Mumbai, the Kokan Vision 2020 conference, various conferences, training camps, study tours to change the mindset of Kokan and build a real self sustaining project. This organization was established in 2002. For the last 14 years through this movement, uninterrupted efforts have been made for the development of Kokan. This movement is a great support system in making positive change in Kokan.

Samdrudhha kokan

The rich Konkan campaign (Samrudhha Kokan Abhiyan) has begun to bring thousands of projects from USA to Australia, Mumbai-Pune, Dahanu to Vengurla, and to co-create thousands of projects in Konkan with their support.

Most respectful people of Konkan region of the four districts of Konkan, including the fields of agriculture, horticulture, fruit processing, industry and social work are members of Samrudhha kokan.

Currently, Konkan Club has more than 5000 members. Konkan residents should not sell their lands in Konkan. They should develop, projects should be developed. We are running a comprehensive awareness campaign for this. The following activities / events are organized through samrudhha kokan.

Water Foundation / Jal Samruddha Kokan Abhiyaan

Kokan receives a heavy rain fall of up to 3000 mm. every year. During the monsoon season, the rivers are abundantly flowing and are dry in summer. In the Kokan region, there is a conflict of climatic conditions. Due to the geographical positioning of the region which consists of steep upward and downward hill slopes and due the natural architecture, the rivers are filled with water.

Agriculture farming is not possible because of seasonal water scarcity.

This causes a great hindrance to the economic development. The villagers often have to thereby travel to nearby cities like Mumbai-Pune for job or business opportunities. In order to ease this hindrance Kokan Bhumi Pratishthan has been running the campaign for Jal Samrudhha Kokan Abhiyan. Water crisis has become a global concern. Kokan Bhumi Pratishthan had organized a water council in Veer Savarkar Hall of Dadar Shivaji Park to raise awareness about water issues.

Ramon Magsaysay and Stockholm Water Prize winner Mr Rajendra Singh has guided the participants with the presentation. Around 700 people were present in this conference.


Complete information regarding to fish varieties such as Crabs, Basa, Jitada, Tilapia, Aquarium fish, Fishery processing unit, fish export, MPEDA, NFDB, MSFC, State fishing Industry, mangrove foundation and other organisations will be made available.

Live fishponds with practical industry information is a special attraction for this venture.

Kokan Bhumi Pratishthan has been established to develop and promote the concept of home stay and Rural tourism.


For the last 14 years a prominent movement has continued for tourism in Kokan. It organizes beach festivals, backwater festival and food festivals on various coastal areas of Kokan. This helps to put Kokan on the global map and helps in the publicity and marketing of Kokan worldwide

This has helped to make Kokan very popular destination among tourists. In the last 10 years there has been a radical change in the tourism of Kokan. Ten years ago, the number of tourists coming to Kokan was low. However today, more than 1 crore tourists come to Kokan and the numbers are increasing steadily every year.

Provision of Rs. 50 Crore for rural tourism has been allocated every year by Govt. of Maharashtra for rural tourism planning and under the guidance of Jalpurush Shri. Rajendra Singh.

Nadi dattak yojana (river adoption campaign) has started by Kokan Bhumi Pratishthan in Kokan. Rivers from Kokan like Jagbudi, Gandhari, Arjuna, Janavali. State of Kerala has allocated an annual budget for their tourism promotion of 30000 crs.

In comparison to State of Kerala, Kokan region has a tremendous potential to withstand itself and generate a higher economic revenue model.

Global Kokan International
  • After the popularization of Kokan Tourism nationwide by various programs, we have started the campaign 'Global Kokan' to get a global platform for Kokan nature, tourist places, culture, folk art and food. This festival has a turnover of 100 crores.
  • The features of the Global Kokan are as follows:
  • The Global Kokan Festival has been organized by the Foundation for the last 5 years
  • This is the largest international festival in Mumbai
  • 3 km queue of attendees in the first year itself
  • Turnover of 40 crores annually
  • Indirect 60 crore turnover
  • More than 350 stall constructions
  • Government of Maharashtra Participation
  • Participation of Tourism Department of Maharashtra Tourism Development Board and Tourism Department
  • A forum for native foreign tourists, delegates, business owners, professionals and tourism professionals
  • Direct Visit / Discussion of Tourism Departments of Native Foreign Tourists and Kokan
  • Participation of foreign tourism
  • Platform for Small Entrepreneurship Sales
  • Opportunity to sell new products
  • Popularity of famous tourist sites
  • Agricultural Rural Tourism Centre is the opportunity to promote their own business
  • Festival Gallery
  • Tourist Gallery
  • Special tourism gallery
  • Art Gallery
  • Kokan treasure
  • Investing Cabinets
  • Industry tycoon gallery
  • Food Festival Folk Art Performance
  • Hapus Mango Festival
  • Good quality, naturally grown mango sale
  • Conspiracy Prevention festival
  • Councils
  • Tourism councils
  • Infrastructure
  • Modern farming
  • Mango Festival
  • Sales of 2000 dozens hapus (Alphonos) in just 6 hours
  • Coordination for the sale of Mangoes from Mumbai and London
  • Mango importers, fruit gardener, merchant delegation visit
  • The international popularity of Kokan tourism
  • World Travel Mart (WTM London) and Berlin Travel Fair
  • First tour of international tourism exhibition for publicity of Kokan Tourism
  • Discussions with foreign tourists
  • Coordination with Tour mentors

Global Kokan

Kokan is one of the most naturally blessed regions of Maharashtra and within India as well. Konkan’s Natural Bliss, Tourism, Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Processing etc., has created immense business opportunities in this region and beyond.

Mumbai and Greater Mumbai is part of Kokan region hence is one of the important territory from overall development of this region. Natives belonging to this region are very much committed towards development of this region through constant initiation of various projects such as connectivity development initiative kicked off such as Kolhapur – Vaibhavwadi train route, free WI-FI facility at 28 stations in Kokan, laid foundation stone for rolling stock component factory at Ratnagiri, freight sector initiative such as RO-RO services which will provide impetus to overall economic development.

Global Kokan Event is international festival being organised by Kokan Bhumi Pratishthan since last 5 years. Global Kokan Event is very much commendable initiative towards development of tourism, business, entrepreneurship in this region and I am very much part of this initiative as I am belonging to this region.

Make in Kokan is one of the new initiatives being taken up this year in this event as a part of Make in India initiative. This initiative would channelize business, entrepreneurship and investment. Govt. of India, Industry and Commerce Dept. is one of the participants.

Come be a part and take this opportunity to be part of this New India 2022 Movement.

Make In kokan

Under the able guidance from the Head of Make in India and Commerce & Industry Minister mr. Sureshji Prabhu the Campaign of “Make in Kokan” has been flagged off. In Kokan thousands of industries have an immense potential to be established. In order to ensure this to be seamlessly executed activities such as Public awareness, direct guidance, Training camps, Project report drafting, Informative sessions on Bank Subsidies, Support, Co-ordination of Government level polices are schedules to be systematically placed in a format which is about to start with the help of “Make in India”. In next 10 years Kokan prosperity campaign is going to start with your help and active support.

Those intending to start their own business in their village can be a member of “Make in Kokan”. Main banks in Kokan region, other leading banks, Government related departments, skills training institutes are going to be a part in this campaign. Creative marketing & exports chain is about to start.

Business groups like Sugandhi Kokan Pitambari, Kokan Green Life, Bhagirthi, Vishmukt Kokan- BVG Group, Samrudhha Kokan, Sahaydri Group are participating in this movement.

Subject experts in various areas, business owners participate whole year and in each district training camps, Enterprise Development Programs, skill development programs are being organised.

For this activity in each district and village people are coming together. Whosoever wishes to be a associated with it have to be a member of “Make in Kokan” and “Samrudhha Kokan”.